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About Us


CDE (CDE Design Solutions) commenced operations in 2001 with 4 full time staff in Bathurst, NSW.

Our company was started with the view to supporting local food manufacturers with drafting and factory related mechanical engineering design, troubleshooting and project management services.

As our staff and expertise has grown, so have our services and our industry base.

We have now been solving factory design problems for our clients over thousands of projects for over 20 years.

CDE continues to operate from its headquarters in Bathurst, NSW and now offers a broad range of engineering and drafting services to private, family owned and public companies as well as local governments in both regional and metropolitan locations across the Eastern States of Australia.

Whilst the bulk of work can be conducted remotely, our staff, engineers and technicians travel to site when and where required.

At CDE Design Solutions, we hold true to four pillars:

  1. We listen to your story.
  2. We advise and consult to support your goals and growth.
  3. We carry out the work in-house, or when necessary; organise, brief and co-ordinate additional experts to support your brief.
  4. We enjoy being a part of your successful project and take pride in the partnership required to do so.
We foster long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with all of our clients. Instead of working for our clients, we work with them to forge the best results time and time again.

We choose to work with clients who share our values and, as such, our relationships with clients extend beyond basic commercial partnerships. We are vested in our clients’ outcomes, and therefore, our solutions become your solutions.
We hold ourselves to a high standard of work in everything we do – from communication to attitude, and from services to delivery and beyond.
We’re proud to be experts in our field and to utilise and share that expertise to ensure excellence and growth for our clients and their operations.
Whatever our brief, and no matter the size of the project, we work tirelessly to meet, and always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.
Our team have a breadth and depth of knowledge that informs and focuses our work and materials. We maintain up-to-date skills across a range of disciplines and continue to employ staff with a diverse background and experience. Our proven track record and longevity are both testament to our experience.
We value open, transparent and honest communication. We prefer to communicate upfront before any problems may arise and always front for the, sometimes, challenging project decisions.

Peter Sackett

Managing Director / Principal Engineer

B.E.(Mech) FIE Aust.

I love change. I love finding a better way. Since commencing work in 1975, my first 25 years was on the floor in 24/7 factories as a development engineer. Following that I have been proud to lead a team of inquisitive and forward-thinking engineers and engineering draftspeople who take up the challenges often avoided by others.

Chris Sackett

IT and Systems Manager

Bachelor of Computer Science (Networked Systems)
Graduate Diploma of Education (Mathematics and Computing)

My role involves being proactive to ensure that our systems, (both IT and business systems) have just the right balance between flexibility and structure to help our teams operate consistently and efficiently. I enjoy providing support to our team members so that they can best serve our customers.
I love it when things are ticking along smoothly (which they have been) as then we have more opportunities to reflect on our practice and innovate further. I also enjoy putting systems in place to serve unique client requirements, such as an automated collaboration systems via Navisworks or a custom 3D Scanning methodology.

Mark Scott

Senior Design Draftsperson

40 years’ experience in design of engineering projects

My goal is to take a client’s project from concept to completion. I will identify potential problems and find solutions during all stages of design, preventing potential loss of time, incorrect manufacture or installation which could result in unnecessary costs to the project.

Greg Hodder

Drafting Manager

Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

As Drafting Manager I can be the “go-to” person when the drafts-persons need assistance. I help to keep them on track with their projects and assist the completion of their projects with administration and quality assurance.
This also involves liaising with the clients to ensure their expectations are met. I most enjoy the creative side of drafting especially in the 3D environment.

Doug Farmilo


Trade qualifications in Drafting

I like using my lifetime of experience combined with the cutting-edge tools and software that CDE brings to the table to create innovative and practical design solutions for clients.
I enjoy working with clients refining designs until we achieve a solution that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Phill Martin

Design Draftperson

Boiler Maker and Drafting Trade

I enjoy bringing my years of experience in trade background – Sheet Metal , Boiler Making and Drafting and applying it to my design and drafting work to deliver practical solutions to our clients.

Ben Heywood


Certificate III Fabrication Engineer
Cert. welding polyethylene pipe

My role is anything to do with Autodesk Inventor and related products. Design and drafting on those platforms. My previous experience as a fabricator and workshop manager help me keep the designs realistic and practical.
The part I enjoy most about my work is design and modelling. I generally find the whackier or more difficult the project, the more I enjoy it. I am a bit of a minimalist too so I enjoy simplicity in design.

Cameron Draper

Trainee Draftsperson

Studying a Cert IV in Engineering Drafting

I help fill the gaps in the CDE team and study in my down time. The job is engaging and feels like I’m doing something useful.

Jenon Nayon

Civil & Structural Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Civil and Structural Engineering - BSCE

I am responsible for concrete and steel design under the close supervision of the senior structural engineer. Learnings never stop as new and future innovations will continue to evolve. I enjoy the challenges of my role, and I’m determined to step up on every level in my career.

William Wang


MEngSc in Mechanical Engineering, UNSW
BEng in Mechatronics Engineering, Tianjin University
Dip in Project Management, TAFE

I am currently practicing in Mechanical Engineering. I love design and solving problems for my clients.
Apart from general engineering, design, and analysis, I am also experienced in product development and simulations such as FEA, CFD, and DEM.

Karen Sandry

Administration Manager

Dip. Teach

In my administrative roles, I help to keep all of the i's dotted and t’s crossed for CDE and our customer invoicing. I enjoy the attention to detail my role demands as well as the regular contact with our clients.

Tash Meyer-Cuthbert

Cadet Civil Engineer

I am currently a Cadet Engineer studying towards my Masters in Civil Engineering. I enjoy discovering and innovating solutions to the problems presented to me.
I enjoy working as part of the CDE team and I am very thankful to be surrounded by, and be able to learn from, such knowledgeable, kind, and intelligent professionals.