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3D Modelling, Drafting & Steel Detailing

Our 3D Modelling, Drafting and Steel Detailing Process

Our 3D modelling and visualisation skills allow clear and easy communication of your idea throughout your organisation and to your client.

From early design concepts of a complete production facility or process to intricate detail of the smallest component, our 3D modelling approach streamlines the design process and provides the vehicle for all stakeholders to easily gain a clear understanding of your project and make valuable contributions throughout the design process.

CDE has produced many concept and visualisation projects for local and interstate clients to enable communication of ideas and projects. This work reflects the growing use of 3D modelling and animation software in engineering projects. Clients no longer need to interpret 2D flat plan drawings.

CDE makes extensive use of 3D models, animations, and visualisation to allow clear communication of design intent to project team members, process operators, management, contractors, and suppliers.

All work is drawn to AS1100 or if you prefer, your corporate or statutory drafting standards.

Our 3D Modelling, Drafting & Steel Detailing Services

Services include:

  • Site scanning
      • Contract 3D scanning or as part of our comprehensive design and drafting services
  • Site measuring
  • 3D Rendering and animations
  • Execution over multiple formats, including collaboration models
  • Pre-project concept drawings
  • Detailed designs

CDE produce drawings for a variety of engineering purposes including:

  • Steel Detailing
  • Workshop drawings
  • Communications drawings
  • Tender drawings
  • Process flow drawings
  • Process & instrumentation drawings (P&IDs)
  • Pipe layouts
  • Access drawings for traffic flow; both pedestrian and motorized

Steel Detailing

Whether you are looking for additional factory space made from steel or you simply don’t have the drafting expertise or capacity in your team, we can help.

CDE have the in-house expertise to complete the full range of steel detailing ready for the steel fabricators. Our steel detailing services include but are not limited to:

  • Interpretation of all technical specifications, calculations & products for the fabricator
  • Provision of clear, detailed drawings for the fabricator
  • Interpretation and application of all required standards
  • Structural Certification of all designs and drawings, if required, prior to handover to the fabricator
  • Provision of detailed models for tenders

CDE Design Solutions have experience across multiple industries including mining, manufacturing support, primary processing from agriculture, factories and food manufacturing facilities.

Some examples of our steel detailing work include:

  • Retrofitting steel structures into existing spaces or around existing equipment
  • Collaborative work and design with both the client and the fabricator in order to source the crux of the problem to ensure the best solution
  • Integrating steel structures with process & manufacturing equipment
  • Planning structures for safety and standards compliance


How we benefit your business and your project

Our experienced team of 3D modelling draftspeople has a wide variety of both university & trade backgrounds as well as comprehensive field and industry experience which means we truly understand your job and its requirements and can visualise, articulate, design and/or model outputs to support any project, large or small, simple or complex.

CDE has the flexibility to work with your internal team or as your team meaning that whether it is additional drafting capacity, specific expertise or an entire end to end project you require, we have the teams, the expertise and the capability to support you and your business.

Our depth means that our draftspeople are not limited by methodology, software, or format output for any project and our flexibility allows you to minimise your overheads and maximise resources.