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Engineering Support for Processors & Manufacturers

Our Engineering Support Process

CDE is able to offer a full package engineering service as our team comprises a number of Mechanical Electrical Engineers. Additionally, CDE has close working relationships with various Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Building Service Engineers, Architects, and others, many of who’ve worked with CDE for 10-20 years.

We also have Industrial Designers for product design and development and personnel with years of experience in a wide variety of industries where engineering assistance is needed.

Our full drafting team is then the perfect complement to our engineering team.

How we benefit your business and your project

Through our team and our network, we are able to offer design and engineering services to tackle almost any project or problem, including:

  • Process, Mechanical & Structural Design
  • Analysis, calculations, and reports
  • Engineering certifications
  • Advice & support
  • Analyses of existing operations

Our engineering support ranges from manufacturing processes, site utilisation and efficiency, equipment, or machinery design, from pre-concept to project commissioning and from small operations to large multi-national corporations.