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How CDE Works with Your Business

Navigating the complexities of operational expansion can be a daunting process. At this critical juncture, making informed decisions is no easy feat.  

While it may seem intimidating at first, a trusted partner by your side can provide guidance and assurance. In the long run, this can greatly reduce the risk of costly mistakes and time drainers. By working with collaborative factory design engineers, you can leverage their experience across multiple projects, technical abilities and insights to work through problems together and to most importantly, meet your objectives on time and within budget. 

Seamless Integration and Tailored Solutions 

At CDE, our approach goes beyond traditional consulting. We take a collaborative approach, viewing ourselves as an extension of your team. Depending on your requirements and the individual project, we can either work with your existing engineering team to add specific project expertise or, as your team, where we work within your organisation for the life of a particular project. 

We are often seen as our client’s internal engineering team as we seamlessly integrate with their team, flexible to the business’ needs and ways of working.  

When you first work with us, a Senior Engineer or Technical Manager, depending on the project, is appointed to manage the project and take the time to understand your business and its unique needs. Our entire team has multi-disciplinary expertise and works across a diverse portfolio of projects, that means you benefit from invaluable experience garnered from a range of challenges, projects, unique scenarios and solutions. This experience ensures our team are at the forefront of new standards, innovations and technologies.  

Supporting your project lead is a team of experts with decades of industry experience in design, drafting, drawing, engineering and fabrication. 

Together, the team brings a breadth of knowledge and expertise to help you interpret complex problems, provide comprehensive insights, and devise tailored strategies to suit your specific needs. 

What are the advantages of a valued partnership? 

Partnering with CDE offers a range of benefits: 

  • Diversity of Industry Experience: Our consultants bring insights from diverse industries and trades, enabling us to offer a depth of solutions that is challenging to replicate in any in-house team, regardless of the size of your company. 
  • Better Value: We provide top-tier expertise without the overhead costs associated with larger firms. Our lean management structure ensures flexibility and agility. 
  • Service Regional to Metro Districts: Based in Bathurst, Central West NSW, our business provides localised support while extending our expertise across regional NSW and the Eastern Seaboard. This includes major metropolitan centres such as Sydney and Melbourne. 
  • Right Fit, Right Size: We are the perfect fit for medium to large-sized organisations, requiring specialised knowledge without the extensive costs of maintaining a large in-house team. 

Communication and Collaboration at the Core 

At CDE, our way of working is built on open communication and partnership. We believe that the key to successful projects lies in fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can be exchanged freely, and solutions can be adapted based on changes in scope and needs.  

We work closely with our clients and are in frequent contact, utilising screen-share collaboration for online meetings and travel and work on-site as required. This ensures that we gain a deep understanding of your operations and key objectives by getting to know your business on a personal level.  

Addressing the Unknowns 

In any project, unforeseen challenges are inevitable. Our flexibility and expertise enable us to navigate these obstacles effectively.  

As a privately owned, agile business, we have the advantage of being able to pivot quickly and adapt to ongoing changes. This adaptability and openness to change also helps us to identify better processes, innovative ideas, and optimal strategies, ensuring your project remains on track and achieves its objectives. 

Every project, including expanding or diversifying operations requires smart decisions and guidance. We are well equipped to handle unforeseen obstacles and can save you time by navigating technical problems.  


Ultimately, what differentiates us from traditional consultants is our ability to integrate our team with yours, adapt to new innovations and technologies and maintain a collaborative relationship with you and your team from the very beginning to the completion of every project. 

To learn more about how CDE can work with you and more about our approach, feel free to contact us here or visit About CDE for more information, including our team and our company values.