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Project Details

B-Double Trailer with Underslung Liquid Tank Design


Our client was a local/interstate liquids trailer working in a joint venture with a national semi trailer manufacturer. They needed assistance with designing a unique B-double trailer set for transporting their product.

The transport company were experts in the intricacies of underslung trailer usage and needed a flexible design team to develop it for them.

CDE was able to 3D scan a 30 year old existing trailer and use that, along with client input, as the basis for a modern design ready for manufacture.

In addition, CDE was able to tailor the design for the capabilities of the manufacturing workshop.

After manufacture, we received notification from the client that during fabrication over 700 unique parts were fabricated and assembled without a single error or issue.

Industry: Transport
Size: $50k to $200k
Developmental stage: Product
Service: 3D Modelling, 3D Scanning


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